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Most people don’t usually think of T-Shirt printing being an especially eco-friendly process, in fact, it’s just the opposite. What we would like to highlight in this article is that it is achievable, and actually super easy, to locate T-Shirt printing companies that offer eco-friendly T-Shirt printing options.

You may typically do artwork in RGB and CMYK color modes, but to ensure the most accurate colors having a silk screener, definitely use PMS colors in your artwork. This also helps to make the colour separations simpler plus more accurate. Here is a link on how to help Pantone in Illustrator.

Customised shirt singapore reached its peak during World War II, when screen-printing was used to mention propaganda messages on custom apparel, posters and flags. Since then, the clothing customization trade has flourished into an abundant and thriving industry. Although the custom gear service our company offers at DiscountMugs stems from a refreshing and complex history, garment printing serves a different purpose today. We wear the intrinsic cultural significance with pride; however, no clothing item is very as fashionable as the current printed tee.

As implied with the name, customize t shirt created from organic cotton cost nothing from the using pesticides, GMOs and carcinogens. By opting to print onto a natural cotton T Shirts, you are also supporting small-scale farmers and their families and helping to reduce water pollution. In fact, the impact of water is 98% less when growing organic cotton rather than non-organic cotton, therefore creating an environment totally free of toxins and also the illnesses that synthetic pesticides produce.

Now that you’ve chosen a niche, it’s time for it to research what to put on your designs. You can use your preferred way for collecting information, be it bookmarks, Pinterest pins, or an Excel file. The important thing is that you simply are able to save and organize the information you collect in this research.


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