How to Resolve iPhone Bluetooth Connectivity Issue?

Recently Bluetooth technology has faced some less attention due to new sharing apps and better connectivity alternatives like Wi-Fi, but Bluetooth has always been a handy tool to have by your side.

It helps in sharing document files, images videos, music. Moreover, it can also be used as a paring tool between your iPhone with any other device. Bluetooth helps in establishing a sharing network between your mobile phone and other devices like speakers, car radio, hands-free and more.

But it would be quite frustrating to face a connectivity issue while trying to play your favorite song in a party or unable to share an important report file during final summations.

 To help you in any such situations, specific tips and tricks are mentioned below to guide you in resolving any such connectivity issues while using Bluetooth from your iPhone.

Ensure Bluetooth of your iPhone Device is Turned “On.”

One of the most common hindrance that a user faces while trying to connect an iPhone device with other devices is forgetting to turn on the Bluetooth discoverable option.

Many times while trying to establish a Bluetooth connection between two devices, users forget to turn on the disprovable option, and even many forget to turn the toggle on for initiating the Bluetooth connection.

Pre-assuming that a user has forgotten to turn on their Bluetooth then they can follow these steps to turn on the Bluetooth services for their devices.

  • Launch “Settings” in your iPhone devices.
  • Tap on the “Bluetooth” option.
  • Choose the Toggle toward the “On” position until it turns green.

Moreover, also make sure that the Bluetooth services for other devices are also turned on. This may resolve the Bluetooth connectivity issue and fix your Bluetooth services.

Make Sure of the Distance Between two Devices

Another one of the prominent cause of due to which the connectivity issue between two devices could occur is far distances between the two devices in comparison to their Bluetooth range, which makes it hard for the two devices to pair together.

Always try to make sure that both of your devices, which you want to pair with each other should be close to each other as much as possible because the network strength between the two devices can be much more significant as compared to long distances.

So before trying to reconnect your devices again bring them close enough to each other which would amplify the strength of network connectivity between the two devices and help in resolving the problem.

Re-check for previously connected devices

Another reason due to which this Bluetooth connectivity issue can occur is the possibility of your device to be connected to some other appliance which you are not aware of. 

For instance, if you are trying to connect your Bluetooth compatible speakers with your iPhone but the speakers are already connected to your laptop then in such a situation, paring your iPhone device would be impossible.

So to counter this, users should first remove the previous Bluetooth connection by turning off the device Bluetooth. Once the Bluetooth connection is turned off again turn back on the Bluetooth service from the devise settings. Now repair the device with your iPhone and resolve the connectivity issue.

Reboot The Device and Try Again

Although by going through the above-mentioned tips and tricks your Bluetooth connectivity issue should be resolved, still if the problem persists and you are unable to connect your iPhone device then in such a situation, users should hard press shutdown their mobile devices and re-start it after 10 -20-second gap. Once the mobile device completely boots up then try again to pair it with the devices of your choice and resolve the connectivity issue. Hopefully, you will be able to fix your ongoing Bluetooth connectivity issue by utilizing the tips as mentioned above.

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